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WOOLLEY is an international society for archaeologists,
historians and people being fascinated with antiquity proofs.

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Our mission is to take archaeology’s destiny in our hands.

Dear Friends! You are visiting a beta of Woolley’s web-site (the site of Archaeologists International Society). The site’s major release shall be a full-fledged social network allowing any and all familiar functions available on Facebook and other social media, but above all we will add to it required and quite useful instruments for scientific activities.

Our website shall enable scientists to search funds for their projects, to find teammates to start an expedition. Students may find a job, win a grant to proceed with their education or take part in archaeological excavations in any country of the world. You will find the hottest news on our web-site from the world of archaeology, latest articles and scientific discoveries reviews.

What advantages do the Society’s members get?

Some certain instruments and services shall be at our visitors’ disposal aimed to assist in scientific work. Here are some of them:

1. Grants

Web-sire users shall be able to take part in a tender to win a grant once a year having submitted their projects.

2. Online Library

We shall have an ever-growing collection of books on history, archaeology and complementary sciences.

3. Woolley map

An interactive world map shall provide information on all archaeological monuments and excavations.

4. Create your own Website.

With the help of this instrument you will be able to create a web-site for your expedition, research center, archaeological site, students’ circle and etc. Web-sire address shall be as follows: yourdomain.woolley.it"

5. Keep your Diary

With the help of this instrument you will be able to keep for instance a field journal, a monument diary, make rough notes and etc. We guarantee data confidentiality and full safety.

6. Become an Archaeologist!

We suppose that the science’s destiny is in the hands of young scientists. We have developed this instrument for those wishing to become archaeologists, since it will help to search a university, an academic advisor and etc.

7. Field School

Students and those being fascinated with history shall be able to take part in archaeological expeditions held by leading research centers worldwide.

8. Find Teammates

With the help of this instrument you may put together world-class interdisciplinary professionals as teammates to carry out your research or expedition simply staying inside.

9. Woolley shop

Here you shall be able to purchase everything required for research work and expeditions. We will also sell books here (for Premium version the discount for the whole assortment shall make 40%)

10. News

We shall publish hottest news on our web-site from the world of archaeology, latest articles and scientific discoveries reviews.

11. Career Service

Woolley will have its own career center dedicated to connecting professional archaeologists with a variety of employment opportunities.

How does it work?

You may get access to Premium (free two weeks’ trial) and Free versions of our web-site.

The web-site’s Premium version shall provide you access to the whole list of functions and exclusive privileges (for instance, regular discount in Woolley shop amounting to 40%, special discounts at museum partners, etc.). The user shall deposit only 1,99 € per month. 1,00 € shall be spent on funding scientific projects, grants, scholarships and etc.; 0,99 € shall be spent on resource maintenance. So, our users shall contribute to science development and historical heritage preserving.

The web-site’s Free version besides the social network functions shall provide access to news, Woolley shop, library, field school, Woolley map.

For more information about the project do not hesitate to write to info@woolley.ru

You may join us
right now!